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Is Canada headed for a recession?

Is Canada headed for a recession?

Posted on October 3, 2022

Sticker shock at the pumps and the grocery store is the number one concern of Canadians according to Ipsos Research, with 8 in 10 worried that a recession is in the financial horizon. Anyone who has had to fill up or pick up staples at the store has seen their buying power reduced.

The latest inflation numbers peg the cost of living at 7% for August, which is down marginally from the previous month. The Bank of Canada has been aggressive in hitting the brakes on an overheated economy, hiking the prime rate in dramatic fashion which has seen a somewhat cooling off of our scorching housing market.

Economists do expect inflation to remain above 6 percent through the end of the year. Fuel prices and shelter have seen a bit of a dip but grocery prices remain at their highest level since the Empire Strikes Back hit the big screen in 1981. 

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