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Canada and the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Canada and the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

Canada and the Russian-Ukranian Conflict

Posted on January 29, 2022

Canada is home to the largest Ukrainian population outside of the Ukraine and Russia. Over 1.3 million make Canada their home here and they are looking for more from the federal government when it comes to their homeland. Modern day Ukraine came into existence with the collapse of the U.S.S.R, after which it became an independent nation. But, it also has an old nemesis leering across the border. Russia has been building up troops and equipment along its border with Ukraine in what it’s calling military exercises.

From the Ukrainian side, they view it as intimidation leading to a possible invasion. Canada has sent military aid in the form of funding, more soldiers to train Ukrainian military and non-lethal equipment such as night vision goggles and Kevlar vests. At this point, the federal government is backing off on lethal equipment.

Should Canada revisit that decision?

Russia does not like the western influence in Ukraine and in particular it’s desire to join NATO. Russia sees that as encroaching on its sphere of influence. At the same time, the West is watching as more than 100,000 Russian troops amass on Ukraine’s border.

US President Joe Biden has been working the phones with allies to put together a response which would likely include sanctions. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has seen his approval dip considerably in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the past, when his approval plummeted, he found refuge by invading Georgia in 2008 and later, the Crimea during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Some international analysts see this as a way for Putin to shore up his support.

Listen to the podcast, read the articles, cast your vote and then email your MP to tell them why. 

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See how other Canadians are voting


March 15, 2022

I voted: Yes

March 13, 2022

I voted: YesYes Canada should support Ukraine by sending military weapons,because if Russia wins this war,be assured Canada's sovereignty in the north will be threatened.All the world must do it's part to make sure that Russia never invades another country again .

March 13, 2022

I voted: NoI think Canada has enough problems already, we don't need to help instigate
WW III. Canada is nothing, militarily, without our neighbor to the south or the gang affiliation, NATO. We should go back to being peace keepers.

March 10, 2022

I voted: YesI should not have to explain myself on this question because I'm sure you already know the answer. I think most of us are figuring out tho, that Ukraine and it's people are being used as a Sacrificial Pawns in this world political game of chess ! "Lest we forget", I think we have !

March 10, 2022

Agreed. Today's response from the EU not to fast track Ukraine's membership is so incredibly weak, it's really disheartening.  Peace time leaders make poor war time leaders. 

March 9, 2022

I voted: Yessend troops

March 8, 2022

I voted: NoThere is more then meets the eye. Ukraine's government do not appear to be as honest as they say they are. When they speak of Nazi's they are speaking of their own government. The interview held by the vice president of Ukraine made that clear.
There is something more going on and Putin is taking the stand. Perhaps being on a personal level with Putin he may come out what is really on his mind.
No people should be afraid or leave their country this needs to be done with governments from all over to have a resolution.
There has always been conflict between the two countries and I think the people of both Russia and Ukraine need to vote on a few things so it is agreed amongst the people of what should be done.
War is not the answer and to bring on more weapons you are asking for destruction.
Like I said there is more going on here than meets the eye. I have a gut feeling inside of me that says Ukraine government is not innocent.

February 26, 2022

I voted: YesPutin has up'd his strategy. We cannot just stand by and hope that sanctions and strong words will stop the bombs and bullets from flying!
These people, my ancient kin, need an answer to Putin's jet and helicopter attacks on churches, hospitals and residential areas.
Putin must have read Hitler's playbook, since he's copying that insane nazi step by step.
In the 1930's it started when Austria, the Sudentenland and Czechoslovakia all fell to Hitler. Europe and England did nothing but use appeasement and using strong words.
Putin is starting with Ukraine. Like Hitler, imo, he is testing the waters prior to implementing his new Soviet regime. The Soviets murdered 7,000,000 Ukrainians 90 years ago. Their target was to force the absorption of Ukrainians into Soviet Russia. Now the murders have begun again. Arming ukrainians to their teeth, continuously, will be the only immediate solution.
Ukrainians will once again pick up on their the guerrilla warfare type if resistance that they perpetrated on the Soviets prior to 1930,... which is why Stalin has been recorded as saying that he woukd kill every last Ukrainian alive if they didn't join the Soviet Union and stop their Guerrilla War.
Just my thoughts.

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